Lerkekasa Vineyard

Welcome to the vineyard experience in the heart of Telemark

Vi har lagt Lerkekåsa vingård ut for salg, MEN ikke vær bekymret, vi fullfører sesongen 2024 som planlagt, det er helt trygt å booke.
Vi gleder oss til å møte akkurat deg og de du vil ha med deg på en unik vingårdsopplevelse i Norge.
Dersom du ønsker å kjøpe vin, ta kontakt vi har flere varianter av Frukt- og bærvin vi selger fra gården. Vi har desverre ikke lov å selge druevin direkte fra gårdsutsalget. 

Vineyard and Experiences

Surprise your loved ones, with a special experience. At Lerkekasa we have a vineyard package with accommodation, a vineyard tour, wine tasting, a 2-course dinner, and breakfast for Nok-, 2750 per person. you can choose between the wine barrels and the timber lodge for accommodations

Group Packages, we can customize catering and needs, which is most suitable for your group. Suitable for groups of 10 - 50 individuals.

Our History

Lerkekasa vineyard is located in the fruit village Gvarv

First Grapes



The first grapes at the vineyard were planted by Wenche and Joar who established Lerkekasa Vineyard. they started with 4 acres on the north side of the main house. they planted a wide variety of grapes and started the production of fruit & berry wines, with local raw materials.

Expansion of vines



The vines that survived the winter, were then moved to the south side of the main house, where it was better soil. Simultaneously expanding to more acres with more vines.

First Guests



The first wine barrel & the timber lodge for accommodation were placed on the farm. This was the start of the first guests on the vineyard

Kongens ja (King`s Yes)



Accommodation was expanded with 2 more wine barrels and there is now a total of 4 accommodation places with room for 10 individuals for overnight accommodation. Since 1 July it was allowed to sell alcohol from farms in Norway, this was a big victory for farmers. This was a big inspiration for the rowanberry wine Kongens ja (King`s Yes)

Les mer her

Our Takeover



Lill and Odd took over the operation of Lerkekasa vineyard. The summer of 2018 was a warm summer something that is perfect for vines, making our first year´s harvest fantastic. In addition, we produced 100 litres of Sommereple (Summerapple), an apple wine we made from local apples.

Our first season



We were excited to receive guests and production of wines (grapes, fruit and berries). We were not as lucky this year with a cold summer compared to last year's harvest, luckily it was good enough to get a good production of wine.



April 2020 was warm and filled with sun, therefore the vine plants sprouted. however, May was cold with degrees down to -4. Therefore large parts of the crop were destroyed. When harvested we realized how much we had lost. The Summer of 2020 was suddenly changed because of the pandemic, Norwegians chose to have holidays domestically, and we were fully booked for the whole summer. Therefore we expanded the production of fruit and berry wines, in 2020 it was produced 500 litres of the apple wine Sommereple.

Big Expectations


This season was warm, but there was a lot of rain during the sprouts of the plants, which gave poor pollination and combined with a cold autumn led to a poor wine year. There were still restrictions because of covid-19, still making domestic holidays popular resulting in us being fully booked in January.