About Us

Lill and Odd is from Auli in Nes on Romerike. They have two children Robin (25) and Andrea (17). They often help out in the vineyard. Lill and Odd bought the farm in 2018. The earlier owners Wenche and Joar had operated the vineyard for 10 years.

Lerkekasa vineyard is placed in the fruit village Gvarv. early in March, you can hear the first bird songs over the vineyard as this starts the season. We welcome you to our vineyard and offer accommodation and a taste of our excellent products.

Lerkekasa is located at Gvarv - The apple capital of Norway. It takes about 2 hours by train or car from Oslo and 45 minutes from Skien. There is also a boat from the coast up the Telemark canal to Gvarv Pier with a little walk up to the vineyard.