The vineyard and the landscape have many opportunities for experiences of all ages. Do you want to know more about wine grapes, and production or just taste our products?  

Good wine is made in the vineyard

Here you might find the northernmost vineyard experience. did you know that vines can grow up to 3 meters during the summer? this is why it is so important to care for the plants regularly, as quality wine is dependent on the work done before the harvest. In this package, we will tell about the process of caring for the plants to the production of wine, before tasting. 

Pris: Nok 500,- per person: includes vineyard tour and wine tasting.
Note! This offer is only in season and starts at 18.00. larger groups can be done out of season. 

wine tasting and wine joy

An exciting sensory experience

We smell, taste and laugh. through tasting and presentation of wine, fruit and berries, we give guests an insight into how good raw materials are fundamental for a wide variety of wines. you will hear the stories of the wines and how the wine is made. While you taste our wines.

Group size: 10-50 individuals

Price: From Nok 300,- per person