Welcome to Lerkekåsa Vineyard. Experience the world’s northernmost vineyard in the heartland of beautiful Telemark, Norway.

Lerkakasa was established by Joar Sættem and Wenche Hvattum in 2007. They planted the first grapes in the spring of 2008, and have each year since expanded the vineyard by giving new plants the ability to burst into life and produce us the finest grapes. In  november 2018 Odd Eugen Wollberg and Lill Gjestad Wollberg Bougth and tok over the vineyard.

Lerkekåsa Vineyard is located in Gvarv – Norway’s capitol of apple production, approximately two hours from Oslo by either train, bus or car.

About the vineyard:

The vinyard is located in an area with plenty of sun, 100 meters above sea level, facing the beautiful lake of Norsjø. The vineyard was earlier a farm growing apples and vegetables. The barn used to house both chicken and pigs, but is today a place that houses our very own art gallery.

The soil in the area is rich in minerals from the melted water of the glaciers at Hardangervidda. The beautiful landscape around Norsjø was created through the melting of the glaciers from the interglacial period some hundred thousand years ago. This makes the soil profile, in which we grow our grapes, very fertile. Located in a small valley in close connection to the lake of Norsjø makes a great climate for producing a great variety of fruit. Gvarv is today well known for producing some of the finest apples, plums and cherries. With the ever-present change of temperatures and climate, we believe there is an excellent future that lies ahead for the production of great Nordic wines.

With the establishment of Lerkekåsa Vineyard, we hope to serve our customers with a fine blend of traditional farming tourism and favourable climatic conditions. The first couple of years, however, we will be focusing on the grapevines and learn about the process of growing and making wine.

Stay at the Vineyard:

Lerkekåsa Vineyard also offers accommodation. The timber log house, Lønneberget, has four beds, and three huge oak barrels has a romantic twin bed in each barrel. We also have a house at the farm you can stay in, the house has totaly 8 beds. 1 tween bed in first floor, 1 tween bed and 2 single beds in a room i 2.floor and 2 sigle beds in the hall in 2.floor. Check the calender if there is any available.

At Gvarv, a small town within a short distance from the vineyard (2 km), you will find grocery shops, a bakery, a pharmacy, a post office and a gas station.

The area around the vineyard offers good hiking and fishing opportunities, along with multiple areas to go for a swim. Within 30 minutes to an hour drive you also find Norsjø Golfklubb and Bø Sommarland, Scandinavias largest water park. By staying with us, you get an opportunity to experience all the magnificent adventures Telemark has to offer.

Upon request we will offer our guests a tour of the vineyard and teach you about the process of making wine. Maybe we also have some wine ready for tasting.

Do not hesitate to flick us an e-mail about our accommodation services at

Contact us:

If you wish any information on the vineyard or our accommodation services, send an e-mail to or call at +47 913 64 888.


Kåsingrenda 56, 3810 Gvarv